Parish Councillor responsibilities


The roles of councillors include a monthly meeting and the sharing of the oversight of risk management and liaising with the residents in specific roads. In addition, there are tasks to be carried out for:

Inter parish liaison; Recreation Management; Cemetery; Grass cutting; Health and safety policy/risk oversight; Co-ordination of proposed planning initiatives; Emergency planning and flood protection; Roads, footpaths and CCC Highway Liaison and Street Lighting; Community Activities; Police liaison; Risk and Planning for Trees; Parish Pit; Youth work and Neighbourhood Plan

The Council has 3 employees which are The Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer (RFO) who has 10 hours per week and manages insurance policies, planning applications for housing and trees; Employee liaison, web updates and general administration. The clerk is supported by the Assistant Clerk who has 6 hours per week and services the Recreation Management and Neighbourhood Plan. It also includes bookings administrator for recreation ground, pavilion and website admin. There is also a pavilion and recreation ground guardian.

Council is also represented on the Feoffee Charity and the Village Hall Estate Fund

Time – as much as you can give! Broadly it should be about 12 hours per month but if you want to do more then it can be arranged!

More information can be found in the Parish Council Toolkit