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Draft Greater Cambridge Sustainable Design and Construction Supplementary Planning Document

The Greater Cambridge Shared Planning Service is seeking views on the draft Greater Cambridge Sustainable Design and Construction Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) during a ten-week period of consultation starting at 9am on 15 July 2019. The purpose of the SPD is to assist with the implementation of policies related to climate change, sustainable design and construction and wider environmental policies contained within the adopted 2018 Cambridge and South Cambridgeshire Local Plans. The Draft Greater Cambridge Sustainable Design and Construction SPD sets out the information that should be submitted with planning applications to demonstrate how schemes meet the Councils requirements. In providing such guidance, the SPD will ensure that new development contributes to meeting the challenges posed by our changing climate including:

  • Contributing to carbon reduction targets and reducing fuel poverty;

  • Ensuring that new development is adaptable to our changing climate;

  • Ensuring that new development makes efficient use of resources;

  • Ensuring that new development contributes to the health and wellbeing of new and existing residents.

The focus of the SPD is on providing guidance on existing adopted policies. The SPD cannot set new policy requirements, and as such, the Councils aspirations for net zero carbon will be developed as part of work on the Emerging Greater Cambridge Local Plan.

A number of technical documents accompany the SPD, including: a Sustainability Appraisal Screening Report, a draft Habitat Regulations Assessment Screening Report and Equalities Impact Assessments, on which we also seek comments. A final Habitats Regulations Assessment Screening Report will be produced when the adoption of the SPD is being considered, having regard to the response to consultation and all other relevant considerations as they may arise at that stage.

Make your views known either by filling in the online form on the Council’s website (, or alternatively by email or in writing using the Response Form, available to download on the Councils websites or from the Councils offices. The Councils preferred way of receiving representations is in electronic form as it helps reduce use of resources and speeds up the management of the process. All comments must be received by 5pm on Monday 23 September 2019.

When the final adoption of the SPD is being considered, regard will be given to the responses to the consultation and all other relevant considerations. When the SPD is adopted it will be a material consideration when planning decisions are made.

The Public Notice provides further information, including where the documents can be viewed and is enclosed with this email.

Please contact the Planning Policy Team if you require any further assistance on or or call 01223 457170.

Construction of Fendon Road/Queen Edith’s Way/Mowbray Road roundabout

We are writing to let you know that work is due to begin on the new layout for the Fendon Rd/Queen Edith’s Way/Mowbray Rd roundabout on Monday 9 September 2019.

Work will involve installing a new Dutch-style roundabout to improve safety in the area, by giving priority to pedestrians and cyclists over motorists. One of the key elements is a change in carriageway width, designed to influence slower approach and departure speeds, thereby reducing the speed of drivers. Pedestrians will be provided with zebra crossings on each of the four roundabout entry/exit arms and on the crossing points over the cycle paths; cyclists will be given their own cycle path, in contrasting red tarmac, to give them equal priority with pedestrians over each arm.

Traffic Management

Work is due to last for approximately 29 weeks and during this time both of the Queen Edith’s Way arms of the roundabout will be closed. Closing both these arms will allow for the shortest construction time, giving an estimated completion date of early April 2020. As with all our highway work, timings and dates for schemes like this are weather dependent and can change.

During the works vehicle and pedestrian access will be maintained for all residents who live just off the roundabout and on Queen Edith’s Way. Temporary signals will control vehicle flow over the roundabout between Fendon Rd and Mowbray Rd to allow for a safe working area, and access for pedestrians and cyclists will be maintained throughout the work.

Bus Diversions for service reliability

Citi 1: it is anticipated that the Citi 1 bus will be diverted along Cherry Hinton Rd and Mowbray Rd (citybound) and via Nightingale Ave and Queen Edith’s Way (outbound).

Citi 2: the Citi 2 will terminate on Wulfstan Way, instead of Addenbrookes and then head back towards the city via Queen Edith’s Way, Cherry Hinton Rd and back on route via Walpole Rd.

Citi 3: no route change – however please note that some pressure on service reliability may be encountered so extra time may be necessary for some journeys.

We will include interchange bus stops to assist with your journey planning; further details of the official bus diversion routes and location of temporary stops will be sent to you in our next letter in the second half of August.