Stapleford campaigning groups


Stapleford Environment Group

The Environment Group no longer meets regularly. The last meeting was in July 2016. This is their final report.

They addressed the following (summary):

  • Support Pride in appearance of village, including measures to reduce litter, dog fouling

  • Reduce Traffic nuisance in and around village – parking and speeding

  • SupportCycling

  • Greener village – energy efficiency; allotments

  • Planning

  • Public transport

Stapleford Young People’s Action Group

Stapleford Young People’s Action Group was formed in May 2012 to implement the recommendations of the Parish Plan.

A first proposal was to encourage more use of the Rec. by youngsters and families. A series of Thursday “family” afternoons in 2012 was organised, in which the new Pavilion kitchen was used as a tea bar and sporting equipment was provided on the field. This was very popular with mums, grandparents and under 10’s.

A longer-term objective was to open a youth club specific to Stapleford. Considerable research was needed to find a format that would appeal to youngsters and was financially viable. The club is now established under the auspices of St. Andrew’s Church, who have funded the club by including us in their insurance and Child Protection provision, and by making the Johnson Hall available. The club is run by a volunteer team from the Action Group committee and parents. It meets from 6.00 to 7.30pm on Wednesdays in term time in the Johnson Hall. (See under “Clubs” on the Village website for current details).

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Countryside Access Group

Report from the Countryside Access Volunteer Group to Stapleford Parish Council.

The community survey undertaken for the Stapleford Parish Plan identified poor access to the countryside as a concern for many residents. It was also clear that residents felt poorly informed about existing opportunities for countryside access and what access is allowed. In response the Countryside Access Group was set up to take action on two fronts: to provide better information about countryside access and, in the longer term to promote development of new routes.

The Group has 7 members Alex Betz, Bryan Davies (Convenor), Miranda Fyfe, Karen Rainsford, Tom Robinson, John Street and Lynda Warth. James Foreman attends meetings as the Council link. The Group has held 5 meetings, all of them in the Tree.


The Group has decided to provide information to residents in the form of a map of opportunities for countryside access in the Stapleford Parish and nearby areas, with supporting information including links with public transport.

Development of new routes

The aim is to encourage all forms of access, on foot, cycle and horseback. Having considered several possible opportunities for additional access, we decided to concentrate initially on seeking permission for off road routes to connect the village with Magog Down and beyond. Discussions have been initiated to this end.

The Group has agreed to support the new route proposed by Jim Chisholm to extend the Addenbrooke's to Great Shelford Path at the side of the railway track via Welchs site to Dernford Lane before joining the existing route to Sawston modified by a changed crossing of the Sawston bypass.

Bryan Davies (the then Group Convenor)