Stapleford Parish Council minutes

These are the minutes of the most recent Stapleford Parish Council meeting

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               Minutes of the Meeting of Stapleford Parish Council

held at the Jubilee Pavilion on 11 October 2017 at 7.30 pm.

Present:           Cllrs Pett (Chairman), Beresford-Knox, Berridge, Bow, Elsbury, Nightingale, Pepperell & Sayer (7.30 – 8.20pm) (Vice-Chairman)

In attendance: County Cllr R Hickford, 7 members of the public

93.2017             Apologies

Apologies received from County Councillor Cuffley. Cllr Nightingale indicated that Cllr Shelton had a family commitment.

94.2017             Declarations of interest

         Cllrs Pepperell & Beresford-Knox – cheques.

95.2017             To confirm the minutes of the Meeting held on 13 September 2017

The minutes of the meeting of 13 September were approved as a true record and signed by Cllr Sara Sayer as the Chairman presiding at that meeting.

96.2017             Matters Arising

         a. Review of Emergency Plan – Flooding to be an item on the next agenda

b. Slaughter House extension plans – The Chairman, Cllr Elsbury and the Clerk are attending a meeting at SCDC Planning Department regarding the Cemetery extension and will make enquiries about the Slaughter House extension plans at the same time.

97.2017             To call the meeting off and take matters of public interest

         The meeting was called off at 7.35 pm to take matters of public interest.

Resident Mrs L Warth addressed the meeting about the condition of the Drift Track and the lack of action by the Parish Council since 2015 when the issue was originally raised.

Resident Mr G Hale asked if residents could be asked what they would like the Council to do with the S106 money which the Council has received from the Welch’s development.  Cllr Pett explained that there are restrictions as to what the money can be spent on and the Council has 10 years to spend it.

98.2017             To receive reports from County Councillors and District Councillors

CCllr Hickford asked if written reports from County Councillors could be put on the Stapleford online website in future.

CCllr Hickford drew the meeting’s attention to the upcoming Highways Depot Open Day on 16 October.

A resident asked the County Councillor about prioritisation of road repairs. He replied that roads had to be re-surfaced in a certain order to guarantee extra funding from central Government. The resident was unhappy that he had not received responses from Highways to the reports he made on the Highways website. 

DCllr Nightingale reported the following:

-        that the planning application for the Tree had been refused.

-        the oak tree on the corner of Bar Lane and Gog Magog Way is being felled next week. 

-       Changes to refuse collection i.e. blue bin superfluous from December 2017

-       Wellcome Trust making some changes and he will ensure Stapleford Parish Council is included in correspondence in future.

The meeting was called back on and Councillors unanimously agreed to deal with item 100 first.

100.2017          Pavilion and Recreation Ground

The Chairman (Cllr Pett) raised two issues in relation to the security of the Recreation Ground:

-       the Parish Council has a responsibility to protect the Council’s assets

-       the Parish Council has a responsibility under risk assessment

In addition, he pointed out that there could be an impact on house information and value if nothing was done as well as the possibility that the Council could be sued.

Cllr Pett spoke about the road safety issue on the corner of Haverhill Road and Gog Magog Way where a car had recently left the road and hit a tree. There is also concern that a car could leave the road and access the field where children could be playing.

Various options are available.  If nothing is done along Haverhill Road consideration should still be given to an obstruction on the corner. Cllrs Pett & Elsbury have a meeting scheduled with a representative of the Highways team to discuss speeding along Haverhill Road.

Cllr Berridge appreciated the points made however considered that the Council cannot ignore the number of residents who want the Recreation Ground restored to its previous condition.

Other Cllrs made suggestions including a grass mound, more mature trees and bushes and posts.  Cllr Sayer reminded Cllrs that at the last meeting residents were provided with 3 options to choose from for the security of the Recreation Ground; a grassy mound; oak posts and to do nothing. The Chairman stated that it is not for residents to make the decision.  The Parish Council has a duty to protect its assets – the  Recreation Ground; playground and pavilion. Cllr Berridge said that we also have a duty to listen to residents. 

Cllrs discussed at length the options available and finally agreed that preventing accidents on the corner is a separate issue from security of the ground along Haverhill Road.

RESOLVED to plant trees and shrubs on the corner of Haverhill Road/Gog Magog Way to reduce the risk of accidents with cars entering the Recreation Ground, subject to Highways approval (Prop SB 2nd CN 5 For 3 Against)

RESOLVED to have a grass mound along Haverhill Road (Prop SS 2nd JB 5 For 2 Against 1 abst)

ACTION:  The Clerk to seek estimates following meetings with Highways and Planning.


Booking forms (Cllr Sayer left the meeting 8.20 pm)

Cllrs Bow and Elsbury have gone through the revised forms supplied by the Assistant Clerk and will communicate amendments/suggestions direct to her.


The Clerk had received a quote for relaying the slabs, painting the outside and coating the concrete plinth at the pavilion at a cost of £2,969. 

RESOLVED to accept this quote and ask for the work to be completed as soon as possible

(Prop NAP 2nd WE Unanimous)

The Chairman has been approached by the Post person asking if their trolley can be stored behind the pavilion. Cllrs were happy for this to happen.


The Chairman reported that the barrier, agreed at the August meeting had been fitted.


The Chairman said there was another pavilion matter to discuss in camera at the end of the meeting


99.2017             To consider planning matters

a.    S/3030/17/FL First floor extension to side and rear at 28 Priams Way for Mr & Mrs Wyse

(Cllr Pett declared an interest as he lives in Priams Way). No comments have been received from neighbours.  Cllr Pett has some concerns about over-development.  After discussion Cllrs recommended approval with a note to ask Officers to check privacy.

b.    S/3117/17/FL Single storey front extension, renovation and replacement of existing outbuildings to create garden room/store and private studio at Galewood Lodge, Haverhill Road for Mr & Mrs Halliday

Cllrs recommended approval.

c.    S/2785/17/LD Keepers Cottage, Haverhill Road. Certificate of lawfulness for existing use of Keepers Cottage and annex as a furnished holiday let.

Cllr Pett has looked into the history of this application and does not believe there is an existing lawfulness certificate.  After discussion Cllrs recommended refusal based on the belief that there is no lawfulness certificate and referred the matter to enforcement for their action.


        The following were noted for information only

d.    S/3206/17/DC Discharge condition 5 (frontage fencing), 7(surface water drainage) and 8 (foul water drainage) of planning permission S/0306/17/FL at 3 Aylesford Way for J Thwaites

e.    S/2506/16/LB & S/2505/17/FL Erection of timber and double glazed garden room at East House, Gog Magog Hills Estate, Babraham Road – applications withdrawn


f.     S/3213/17/TP T1 - 49 Mingle Lane for Mr J Adcock. Yew: cut back the branches encroaching over the road by 1m. T2 - Lime: Cut back the branches encroaching over the road by 1m. T3 - Yew: Crown reduction by up to 2.5m from height and 1.5m from sides, to allow more light to the gardens and house of no.47 T4 - Lime: Reduce the height of the tree by 3m (same reason as T3). T5 - Ash: Raise the crown over the garden of no.45 by 2.5m/

       Cllrs recommended approval

       Cllr Nightingale is visiting with the Tree Officer next week.


g.    S/3422/17/TP 38 Mingle Lane for Shapiro. Sycamore in vegetable garden – remove deadwood Lime adjacent – remove deadwood Pine in centre of lawn – fell – reasons – advance state of decline.

       Cllrs recommended approval


101.2017          Cemetery – Review of maintenance and extension

HCGM were given 6 months to maintain the Cemetery.  The six months is up at the end of October.  Cllr Pett has received positive comments about their work.  Cllrs agreed HCGM can continue to maintain it.

         It was agreed to deal with item 104 i) HCGM Ranger review

104.2017          Village Matters

         i) HCGM Ranger - Review

         Current HCGM commitments:

         a. Grass cutting – verges, Recreation Ground & Slaughter House (not Collier)

         b. Cemetery – 6 month probation (see above)

c. Ranger duties – 6 month probation. Duties include Slaughter House flower beds; Basil’s Piece and other specified tasks.

Ranger - Cllr Bow will provide details of work not completed by the Ranger to Cllr Pett.

A work sheet for the Ranger has not been provided for two months.  Cllrs agreed that the cheque covering the invoice for Ranger duties for September should be withheld until the work sheet is provided.

Grass cutting – Cllrs agreed to another cut before the winter

Recreation Ground – Cllrs agreed to the Recreation Ground being spiked and fertilised.  Cllr Pett said HCGM had pointed out weevil infestation in one corner of the Recreation Ground and this is being monitored.


Cllr Pett informed the meeting that a number of graves are in a poor state; sinking.  Three stones have been laid down by HCGM.  It was agreed to ask HCGM and Funeral Directors for advice on action to take.


Cllrs Pett & Elsbury will ask SCDC Planning about a gate to prevent vehicle access to the new area as well as planning permission.

102.2017          Local Highways Improvement Application – 20 mph & Haverhill Road traffic issues

Cllrs Pett & Elsbury are meeting David Lines from Highways tomorrow to discuss a possible bid to the Local Highways Improvement Initiative.  Cllr Pett will try to complete the bid after meeting Highways as it has to be submitted by Sunday 15 October.

103.2017          Reports/notices of meetings

a.     Neighbourhood Plan

Cllr Pett reported that at last week’s meeting of the Strategic Group it was agreed to complete the Neighbourhood Plan by October 2018.

b.     LLF – 26 September

Cllr Pett reported that the A1307 options will come back from the Greater Cambridge Partnership once they have been reviewed.

c.     Cambridgeshire ACRE- Cambridgeshire Parish Council Conference 17.11.17

        It was agreed to book one place – name to follow.

        ACTION: The Clerk

d.     Cambridgeshire Highways Depot Open Day – 16 October

104.2017        Village matters (contd.)

        i) HCGM Review – dealt with above

        ii)Village Show weekend

Cllrs discussed the pros and cons of having the Village weekend in 2018 including alternative arrangements to allow the Village Show to continue.

Cllrs agreed that Cllr Pett should put an item in the Messenger stating that due to insufficient support from the village for the weekend it would not go ahead in 2018. But that the Village Show will take place.

ACTION: Cllr Pett

Fingerposts – The Clerk and Cllr Pett will find the estimates previously provided for the fingerposts.

ACTION: The Clerk & Cllr Pett

Christmas tree – Cllr Nightingale reported that Mrs Hill is donating a Christmas tree for outside the shop.

105.2017        SCDC Media Release re simplifying kerbside recycling collections

        Dealt with under District Councillor’s report.

106.2017        Council administration matters to include clerking technical support and Councillors costs

Cllrs agreed the following monthly payments to the Clerks to cover the cost of using their homes as an office:

Clerk £15 per month    Assistant Clerk £10 per month

Stationery is to be charged separately.  It was also agreed that the Clerk should purchase 10 reams of paper for distribution to Councillors.  Cllrs should claim for their printer cartridges separately.

ACTION: The Clerk

107.2017        School issues

Cllrs Bow, Elsbury, Berridge Pepperell and Pett had met with representatives of the school governance to discuss the possibility of the school joining a mutli-academy trust. The Councillors all reported aspects of the meeting which had not only covered trust status but the impacts on school provision, community status, the moat and Collier Recreation Ground. The Chairman is to write to the school to arrange a further working party style meeting to review the use and access to the Collier. The Assistant clerk will be involved in this work along with the Councillors who attended the meeting.

ACTION: Cllr Pett

108.2017        Remembrance Day wreath purchase and Parish Council representative

        It was agreed to fund a wreath at a cost of £17.50.

109.2017        Finances                                                  

a.     To receive the financial report – noted.

b.     Authorise payments – payments of £9329.90 authorised.

c.     Insurance renewal – agreed.

d.     SSYI - review and authorise annual grant – Cllrs unanimously agreed to an annual grant of £2K to SSYI.

e.     To approve the transfer of £12,500.00 into current account to cover invoice payments September & October – approved.

f.To consider opening a separate bank account for Pavilion matters. NB £20K is in the budget for general maintenance – Cllrs agreed unanimously that a Lloyds account can be opened for this purpose.

g.     To authorise RFO to investigate BACS payments and change to Financial Regulations – authorised.


Following the ‘In Camera’ business the meeting closed at 9.45 pm


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