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Minutes of the Meeting of Stapleford Parish Council

held at the Jubilee Pavilion on 19 July 2017 at 7.30 pm.

Present:           Cllrs Pett (Chairman), Beresford-Knox, Bow, Elsbury, Pepperell, and Sayer.

In attendance: County Cllrs R Hickford and K Cuffley, 1 member of the public and Mrs A Griffiths (Minutes Secretary, LGS Services)

                         The Chairman thanked everyone for attending following the change of date.

48.2017       Welcome to minutes clerk

                    The Parish Council welcomed the Minutes Secretary to the meeting.

49.2017       Apologies

Apologies had been received from Cllrs Shelton, Nightingale and Berridge.

50.2017       Declarations of interest

Cllr Pett declared an interest in a payment of £8.76 to Mrs Pett for First Aid expenses.

51.2017       To confirm the minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council held on Wednesday 14 June 2017

                    The minutes of the meeting of 14 June were approved as a true record and signed by the Chairman.

52.2017       Matters Arising

a.                 Item 92 - Fence outside the Spar

The Chairman reported on a meeting with Peter Marshall of CCC who had promised that the fence would be completely replaced on both sides and removed.

The Chairman had responded to concerns from residents about speeding.

b.                 Item 140 – To note that safety surface installed on new tower

                    It was noted that the safety surface around the Slide Tower had been installed.         

c.                 Review of Emergency Plan – no progress

                    There had been no further developments.

d.                 Slaughter House extension plans – no progress

                    There had been no further developments.


53.2017       To call the meeting off and take matters of public interest

                    The meeting was called off at 7.35 pm to take matters of public interest.

Bill French provided an update from The Tree Action Group. The SCDC Deputy Leader’s Portfolio Holder’s meeting had decided to proceed with the Compulsory Purchase but also wished to try to bring the owner into discussions with a view to re-opening the pub as a going concern. The decision is subject to the full Council meeting in October.

Mr French thanked the Parish Council for its efforts and financial support. He reiterated his request for a Parish Council member to attend the Action Group meetings. Cllr Pepperell indicated an interest in attending.

As SCDC will require The Tree to cover the legal costs, Mr French asked whether the Parish Council would be prepared to underwrite or loan a sum of up to £20,000 to enable the group to defer fundraising until the outcome was finalised.

The Chairman indicated it was unlikely that the Parish Council would be able to support the request and it would be necessary to take legal advice to establish whether it was legally empowered to do so. There would need to be fuller information on the process and the legal implications.

The Parish Council sought Mr French’s opinion on the brick store. He suggested that it should be demolished and a new one erected on the same site, as repairing it would be expensive. Mr French left the meeting.

Noting that instructions had been issued to install the defibrillator in the bus shelter, queries were raised about its use by untrained persons, the insurance position and the procedure involved. A training evening, possibly in September, was suggested. Action: The Chairman is to check that the defibrillator locations are known to the emergency services and to suggest that the equipment is tested.

The Chairman reported on a resident’s request that a seat be installed on the grass at the Riverside development. Cllr Pett has contacted SCDC and the developers as this is not Parish Council land, and has asked them to inform the Council of their decision.

A complaint had been received about a hedge in Bar Lane.

Residents had complained about the new route of the C7 bus and asked the Parish Council to support retention of the route which enables residents to access Waitrose. The Parish Council will convey the concerns expressed by some residents and seek a review of the situation after three months.

The Chairman has responded regarding speeding in Haverhill Road.

54.2017       To receive reports from County Cllrs and District Cllrs

The County Councillors’ previously circulated report was noted, covering Highways, the postponement of the A1307 Local Liaison Forum workshop to September, and the Combined Authority.

Cllr Pepperell brought up the issues of congestion and inconsiderate parking in Great Shelford. The Chairman undertook to raise these matters at tomorrow’s Strategic Planning meeting.

55.2017       To call the meeting back on and to consider planning matters

                    The Council noted that SCDC have granted permission for:

a.                 S/0306/17/FL – 3 Aylesford Way for the erection of two-bedroom bungalow.

b.                 S/1430/17/FL – 34 Mingle Lane for the erection of a single attached garage.

c.                 S/1406/17/FL – 4 Granta Terrace for single storey extension to front elevation.

d.                 S/1608/17/NM – 58 London Road – Non-material amendment to reduce width of side extension.

e.                 S/1790/17/FL – 62 London Road - conversion and extension to garage to form annexe.

f.                  S/1798/17/TC – 9 Gog Magog Way for trees in the back garden: T1 Leylandi - reduce height by 30% to previous reduction; T2 Prunus – reduce height by 30% to previous reduction.

g.                 S/2108/17/TP – Decision issued by SCDC for work to Trees (TPO) 7 Sternes Way Chestnut – fell tree, has severe decay in lower trunk.

                    To consider:

h.                 S/1937/17/NM – 21 Hawthorne Road – Non-material amendment of planning permission S/2039/16/FL for south elevation

                    Noted for information only.

i.                  S/2107/17/FL – 7 Sternes Way – Alteration and extension

                    The Parish Council had no objections, but would expect working conditions regarding timing, parking and deliveries, to be imposed. (Prop RB-K, 2nd JB, unanimous)

j.                  S/2222/17/DC – Stapleford Granary – Discharge of condition 10 (Heating, ventilation and control of odour) of planning permission S/2431/15/VC

                    Noted for information only.

k.                 S/2142/17/VC – 9a Haverhill Road – Removal or Variation of Conditions 2 (plans), 3 (materials) and condition 13 (first floor terrace screen) of planning application S/1158/17/VC

                    A neighbour’s comments on their objection to the application were noted, including the reduction in height of the screen, balconies overlooking gardens; overpowering and not being in keeping with the surroundings.

                    RESOLVED that the Parish Council objects to the application on the grounds that it invades the privacy of the neighbours. The Parish Council noted that the enforcement of removing the second portakabin and balcony were still to be implemented. (Prop RB-K, 2nd NP, unanimous)

                    RESOLVED that the Parish Council should write to the Enforcement Officer regarding a house in Bar Lane as the road had not been extended as required by the Planning Permission.

56.2017       Clerk recruitment

                    Cllr Pett reported that the Interview Panel had met and recommended the appointment of both candidates, one as Clerk and RFO, and the other as Assistant Clerk, subject to references. The timing and frequency of liaison meetings and differentiation of the roles of each person are to be arranged. The split of duties was briefly considered. It was suggested that one person could be responsible for finance and servicing the Parish Council, and the other could have responsibility for progressing the Neighbourhood Plan with additional hours. Both would be issued with a pay as you go mobile and access to email to enable the public to contact them.           

                    RESOLVED to appoint both candidates with a view to an immediate start. (Prop NP, 2nd WE, unanimous)

                              A suggestion was made that the Parish Council should register for VAT.

54.2017       (Continued) To receive reports from County Cllrs and District Cllrs

                    County Cllrs Hickford and Cuffley arrived during this item at 8.24 pm. On a proposition by the Chairman, the meeting was called off at 8.30 pm to enable them to report.

                    Cllr Hickford reported:

·       The fence removal will take place next week.

·       Speeding – CCC advocate mobile speed equipment that can be moved around, as this is more effective. The current policy on fixed signs was not known. Data from mobile cameras is collated and if speeding is persistent the Police will come out to enforce. The Parish Council considered that a permanent sign was needed as it had always been intended to have two permanent signs in Haverhill Road.

                    The Parish Council raised a number of queries:

·       The new route for the Stagecoach number 7 bus. Cllr Hickford explained that this was a commercial decision by Stagecoach to reduce the time taken to get into Cambridge and make the bus more attractive to users. It was suggested that the Parish Council join with Great Shelford and other local parish councils to approach Waitrose to ask if a shuttle bus service could be provided, or to liaise with Hauxton Meadows.

·       Concerns were expressed at the reduction to Whippet bus services. CCC are looking into this and trying to find a solution.

·       The problems caused by loading and unloading of groceries in Great Shelford. Cllr Cuffley offered to find out whether a condition on unloading had been imposed. It was suggested that the matter be discussed with Great Shelford Parish Council.

·       A question was asked about the timetables for planned CCC road improvements. The County Council will be considering this in due course.

                    The meeting was called back on.

57.2017       Pavilion maintenance

RESOLVED, given the need for decoration, and the difficulties encountered in finding a contractor to take on maintenance, to ask Kevin Driver (Pavilion Guardian) to decorate the main room.

RESOLVED that a schedule of work required be drawn up and circulated to members, covering other necessary works including the fence, paving slabs, woodwork and curtains.

RESOLVED, following a request from the Historical Society to purchase a projector and computer for the Pavilion, that the Parish Council would prefer a screen, and to ask the Historical Society to pay for this. This item will also be added to the schedule.

58.2017       Reports of meetings

a.                 Neighbourhood Plan

A meeting will take place tomorrow night. It was noted that Cllr Berridge had withdrawn from the Spotlight groups and given her absence, it was agreed that Cllr Elsbury would speak to her.

b.                 S106 – NP plus need to sign the mandates

Cllr Pett reported that he had spoken to SCDC but SCDC requires the S106 agreement to be signed without qualification in order to release the money. Concerns were expressed about Clause 4 and it was agreed that a letter be sent to SCDC along with the signed agreement, explaining that the Parish Council does not agree with being given no say on the issues of misappropriation of funds and indemnity.

RESOLVED that Cllrs Bow and Pett be authorised to sign the S106 agreement. (Prop NP, 2nd DP, carried with 5 in favour and 1 (Cllr Sayer) against)

c.                 Tennis Courts - estimates

Two estimates have been received and a third is awaited, following receipt of which the Parish Council will discuss the way forward with the Tennis Club.

d.                 LLF re A1307

                    The next consultation meeting will be in the first week of September.

59.2017       Village Matters

a.                 Website

The website is increasingly used and web searching is being made easier. The webmaster is adding information and the Chairman will add the minutes.

b.                 Media interest in planning developments

No plans have been submitted yet. Considerable interest was shown in Neighbourhood Planning at the Feast. RESOLVED that Cllr Sayer will arrange for a contact to come and meet a Parish Council working party early in September.

c.                 Village weekend update

Cllr Pett reported on a well attended meeting. There was a deficit of £323.12 to which it was felt that all the associations should contribute. The accounts have been closed. Equipment has been put into stock which is to be added to the Assets List. Two estimates have been received for a steel replacement shed with two roller doors and a pedestrian access. The Parish Council will take professional advice regarding the base for the storage.

d.                 Drift Track updates

Nothing further had been heard. RESOLVED in September to ask Carter Jonas for a site meeting and to look into the possibility of listing the Drift Track as an Asset of Community Value.

e.                 HCGM Ranger concept for village work

Cllr Pett reported that last month the Ranger service had carried out work at a cost of £660 including VAT, having installed the safety surface and carried out work on the flower beds. It was agreed to continue with the service and members were asked to let the Chairman know what work was required, such as the summer house, trees adjacent to the pub and a dog bin damaged in a road accident. With regard to the damage to the dog bin, the new Clerk is to pursue this with the police and obtain a crime number.

f.                  Cemetery maintenance

                    The Parish Council was pleased with the work carried out.

g.                 Save The Tree Group

RESOLVED that the Parish Council is unable to approve the request for support as the exposure of £20,000 is too great.


It was noted that nothing had yet been heard from CCC about speed limits.

60.2017       To resolve an August meeting

RESOLVED to write to the Tennis Club stating that the Parish Council must meet with the Club or the lease may not be renewed. RESOLVED that Cllr Pett will contact members to arrange a date in August.

61.2017       Finances

a.                 To receive the financial report

The financial report was noted, including the balances, income and expenditure. It was noted that Acacia Tree Surgery had removed a tree in error. RESOLVED that the payments of £10,660.68 as listed in the financial report, plus a payment of £372.00 to Wicksteed for the playground chicken spring repair, and for £850.00 to Rebecca Scambler for work on The Tree website, should be paid.

b.                 S106 income – resolved and need to sign the mandate

                    Taken earlier.

c.                 Authority to transfer £7000.00 to cover PWL standing order

RESOLVED to authorise a transfer of £7000.00 to cover the Public Works Loan Board payment. (Prop NP, 2nd SS, unanimous)


                    There being no further business, the meeting closed at 9.26 pm.






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