Stapleford Cambridge Parish Councillors


Councillor                   Portfolio  Address                        Phone                    Email
Nigel Pett 
Chair29 Priams Way Stapleford  CB 22 5DT843278
Sara Sayer
Vice Chair13 Bury Rd, Stapleford, CB22 5BP07983 385 840
Richard Beresford Knox 
 8 Finch’s Close, Stapleford, CB22
Jackie Bow     
  3 Sternes Way, Stapleford, CB22 5DA 841982
Wendy Elsbury 
 7 Anvil Close, Stapleford, CB22 5SS844559

Charles Nightingale 
 12 Aylesford Way, Stapleford, CB22 5DP   844763        
David Pepperell  
 15 Vine Close, Stapleford, CB22 5BZ 843547
Ben Shelton  
 2 Forge End, Stapleford,  CB22 5BN841085    
Sophi Berridge  
 43 Bar Lane07967 220498


Pavilion and recreation ground guardian                                                       

Mr Kevin Diver 61 Gog Magog Way Stapleford CB22 5BQ                          

842306 mobile 0779930611



Roger Hickford 42 High Street Little Shelford CB22 5ES

Kevin Cuffley 9 Dale Way Sawston CB22 3LE   07840859660



Mr Charles Nightingale 844763

Mr David Whiteman-Downes     


Mr Ben Shelton 841085




Councillors share a range of roles and this year we are trying out a new system, initially for three months from with immediate effect – 14 June 2107. Each councillor is undertaking responsibilities which the Council will monitor for the effectiveness of the work. A  councillor will oversee risk management but will also liaise with the residents in specific areas. If you have any concerns and live in these areas then please contact the relevant councillor.



Geographical Areas (with emphasis in constituent relations and planning applications)

Anvil Close Bar Close Bar Lane Cherry Tree Avenue Forge End WE

Finch’s Close Greenhedges GoG Magog Way  Duke’s Meadow Chalk Hill RBK

Gordon’s Close Granta Terrace  Welch’s Crescent Hinton Way SB

Collier Way Sternes Way The Chestnuts Vine Close Cox’s Close JB

Adcroft Piece London Road Aylesford Way CN

Babraham Road Cambridge Road Magog Farms Barns GOG Hills Wandlebury Ring Gog Magog Cotts NAP

Church Street  St Andrew’s Close Heffer Close Mingle Lane  DP

Bury Road Greenfield Close Josecylns Poplar Way Haverhill Road SS

Dolphin Way Hawthorne Road Priam’s Way London Road Sawston Road Dingle Dell BS


Key areas of council work on a temporary basis until clerks appointed

Risk assessments and data - JB

Planning  - Housing - DP   

Planning - Trees - CN

Finance  - NAP

Web site communications   - SB

Strategic tasks - SS

Pavilion  - WE (bookings support from GEBPett)

Assets  - building and recreation grounds RBK

Cemetery – NAP

CCC and SCDC matters – inc roads, traffic, edicts - BS


Council Matters – regular responsibility - checks risk and state of conditions

·       Gog Magog Recreation Ground, play areas and pavilion plus store – Kevin Diver inspection once a week – & WE

  • Cemetery – weekly through the ranger & NP
  • Slaughterhouse/Villedomer Gardens  - weekly through the ranger & JB
  • Bus shelter – weekly through the ranger & CN
  • Verges and Bins

·       Collier Recreation Ground, Basil’s Piece and Clerk’s Piece – weekly through the ranger & DP

  • Inter parish liaisons – NP
  • Finance policy & financial strategy – NP SS JB DP
  • Risk Assessment inc insurance policy – JB
  • Member development – WE
  • Traffic & Parking plus police links – CN
  • Roads, footpaths and CCC Highway Liaison and Street Lighting - RBK
  • Appearance of Village to include grass, verges etc – BS
  • Transport – DP
  • Data Protection – SS
  • Emergency planning and flood protection – SB
  • Trees audit – CN

Outside Representation

  • Liaison with Sports Club – RBK supported by NP
  • Liaison with School – SB
  • Liaison with Church – WE
  • Neighbourhood Watch - JB
  • Parish Pit - DP
  • Magog Trust - SS
  • Youth work - BS

·       Feoffee Charity – JB DP;

·       Village Hall estate Fund – NP.


Kevin Diver

Jubilee Pavilion Caretaker: Monitoring of the Pavilion, Jubilee Playground and top playground, Recreation Ground benches, litter bins and dog bins for any damage or risks.