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Stapleford Cambridge Village Weekend June 20 - 23 2019

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21st - 23rd June 2019

Stapleford Village Weekend

Quiz, The Village Show, stalls, fancy dress, kids fun, cafe, bar, live bands & singers, Tour de Stapleford, cricket, hymns & beers and much more.

For more information contact Vicky vlinzell@hotmail.com

Stapleford has a secret,

it would really like to share,

It hosts an amazing weekend,

When everybody’s there.

All the village pulls together

enjoying all the work and fun,

Creating lasting friendships

since the event first began

Each day is packed with things to do

For every walk of life,

Horticulturists have their moment

to exhibit all they’ve grown,

See the pride on their face

as they win prizes for what they’ve sown.

There, children can play in safety,

with bouncy castles and the like,

They even have a disco or may prefer to ride their bike.

The more genteel can watch the cricket,

Relaxing on the green,

Sipping Pimm’s in the sunshine,

Discussing what they’ve seen.

The evenings just get better,

As bands play into the night.

The music is quite amazing,

We seem to have it right.

There’s wholesome food to enjoy,

Throughout the fun filled night

To excite the taste buds,

as it’s consumed with sheer delight.

Lots of singing and excitement,

As they indulge in fine wine and beers,

Lovers get more romantic,

Whispering sweet nothings,

In each other’s ears

Then as the evening draws gradually to a close,

The children fade and start to doze.

Our community seems a little warmer,

As we say goodbye to our new found friends,

The village has had a great time,

But unfortunately it has to end

By Michael Gatward