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Great Shelford health news

September 2019 update

Appointment Availability & Continuity of Care


We understand that continuity of care and appointment accessibility are of paramount importance to our patients and we are continuously looking at how we can improve our offering across all 5 sites, as demand increases.

Appointment and continuity problems are not unique to Granta, nor are they due to the mergers we have undertaken. These are National problems - many surgeries in our area have stopped offering routine appointments altogether, instead opting for doctors to triage every single patient before they are offered an appointment. This is not the route we wish to take.

Patients with urgent problems will always be seen on the day in our Rapid Access clinics. Barley and Market Hill sites can appear to offer more routine appointments as due to their limited capacity, appointments are released daily, rather than 6-weekly at Sawston, Linton and Shelford.

We are constantly reviewing our appointments system to get the best balance between urgent-on-the-day and routine appointments across all sites, and are about to start a project with our PPG around continuity of care and what this means to our patients. If you would like to join our PPG (Patient Participation Group) please email ppg.grantamedicalpractices@nhs.net

Our 5 sites additionally offer telephone appointments and we also run early morning and late evening clinics at various sites (please check our website for details).

All of our patients are welcome to go to any of the five Granta sites.

Thank you to our patients who have taken the time to give us feedback. All comments are taken very seriously and contribute to how we shape and improve our services in the future.

Sandra East, Granta Communications

T. 0300 234 5555, @ sandra.east@nhs.net

August 2019 update

Flu vaccination clinics 2019


Granta Medical Practices have the pleasure in announcing their 2019 flu clinics, as follows:-


Saturday 5thOctober (morning)

Linton Health Centre (CB21 4JS) 

Barley Surgery (SG8 8HY)


Saturday 12thOctober (morning)

Sawston Health Centre (CB22 3HU)

Shelford Medical Practice (CB22 5FY)


Saturday 19thOctober (morning)

Linton Health Centre (CB21 4JS)

Sawston Health Centre (CB22 3HU)


Saturday 26thOctober (morning)

Shelford Medical Practice (CB22 5FY)

Barley Surgery (SG8 8HY)


In addition, this year we will also be offering weekday clinics at all of our surgeries – please speak to our reception team for more details.


Granta patients can go to any of our surgeries to have their vaccination.  


Private flu vaccinations


If you would like a flu vaccination but are not eligible for the free vaccination we also offer a private service via Granta Pharmacy for Granta patients. This is by far the easiest way of getting your private vaccination as we already have your medical records and there are no forms to fill in. Simply ring and book an appointment at any Granta surgery and pay on the day (£12.99).


If you have any queries, or if you are unsure if you are eligible for a free vaccination, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our reception team.


Sandra East

Granta Communications

0300 234 5555, sandra.east@nhs.net 


July 2019 update


Dr Colin Hitchcock has now retired. However, he has agreed to continue doing some ad hoc work for Granta so you may very well see him about at different Granta sites.

Granta Shelford is having a make-over 

NHS Property Services have agreed to update some of the clinical rooms and communal areas. This work was supposed to start in June; it has been delayed but we are assured that it will start shortly. The plan is to carry out the majority of the work over weekends so that patient disruption is kept to a minimum. You will notice that work has started on the re-fencing.

Path lighting

We continue to have our path lights vandalised every single time they are replaced. These lights are to help patients and villagers navigate their way around the surgery when it is dark. If anyone does know who is carrying out this vandalism please ask them to stop.

Patient Participation Group (PPG)

The Shelford group has now joined the main Granta group. I am very pleased to report that there was a good representation of Shelford patients at the last PPG meeting. If you would like to join the Granta PPG please drop me a line – sandra.east@nhs.net

June 2019 update

We are very excited to announce two dispensary developments coming soon which will hugely benefit our patients and offer improved patient service.

Medicines Pickup Point

We are installing an automated dispensary machine on our Sawston site. It will be easily accessible and available 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, which means you can pick up your prescription whenever it suits you. This service is for anyone who uses the Granta Sawston dispensary. 

Pharmacy Delivery Service

We are investing in an eco-friendly electric van to deliver medicines to nursing homes and residential homes in the area. This is in addition to the existing pharmacy delivery service. 

Sandra East, Granta Communications, sandra.east@nhs.net

May 2019 update

Have you booked a trip abroad or planning to do so? 

If you are seeking travel health advice, Granta Medical Practices offer a Travel Clinic Service. 

The first step is the complete a Travel Risk Assessment form so we can assess your risk. This risk assessment form can be downloaded from our website www.grantamedicalpractices.co.uk or collected from reception. Please fill it out fully and return it to us no later than 5 weeks before you travel. 

Once you have completed and returned the form, we will contact you by phone within one week to let you know if you need to attend for an appointment which we would then advise you to book. At your appointment the recommended vaccines or medications will be given and follow up injections planned. Unfortunately we cannot see you if you have not completed a Travel Risk Assessment form. 

Before your appointment you are advised to go to www.fitfortravel.nhs.uk. Look up the destination you are travelling to, print off the information, read it and bring it with you when you attend your appointment. 

You can also download our General Travel Advice sheet from our website or collect a copy from reception. For additional information you can visit the following websites: www.fitfortravel.nhs.ukwww.nathnac.orgwww.fco.gov.uk/travel

Please note that some vaccinations are covered by the NHS and some will require payment. The clinician will make this clear when you make the appointment and you will be required to pay before your appointment. 

Sandra East 

Granta Communications 


April 2019 update

The benefits of online access

Would you like to manage your GP appointments and prescriptions from home, and have access to your test results? 

You can do all of this and more by registering for SystmOnline, the patient online service available via our website. Once registered you can book, change and cancel your appointments, view your test results and have access to your coded medical records, as well as ordering your repeat medication and viewing your personal registered information.

Application forms are available on our website, in our new patient pack, or you can pick one up from any Granta reception. All you need to do is bring the completed form back, along with some photo ID. All applications will be processed within 48 working hours and confirmation of activation will be emailed / texted to you unless otherwise requested.

If you would like further information please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Sandra East
Granta Communications


March 2019 update

In January Granta Medical Practice’s clinicians saw / spoke to 20,256 patients. This number includes urgent appointments, routine appointments and telephone appointments. Unfortunately, there were an extra 1,026 appointments that patients did not attend (DNA). 

February’s appointments totalled 17,876, but again there were an additional DNA’s – 1,043! 

Sometimes it can be difficult keeping to an appointment date and time. However, if you ring and cancel even half an hour beforehand we would be able to reuse your slot for another patient.

You can also cancel your appointments online. Using SystmOnline allows you to book, cancel and rearrange appointments as well as requesting repeat medication and viewing your summary care record. Call into your local surgery or see our website for further information.

Sandra East, Granta Communications. T. 0300 234 5555

February 2019 update

Granta “Group Consultations” 

Granta Medical Practices have pleasure in announcing they will shortly be holding “Group Consultations”, also known as “Shared Medical Appointments”. These are organised meetings comprising of 10 to 15 patients with the same condition or set of clinical problems, coming together in a supportive group setting. This is a more personalised way of supporting patients with long term medical conditions, and allows patients to learn from each other as well as from clinicians. The sessions will last from 1 to 2 hours, including a one to one with a health care professional for each group member. 

Group consultations can be used for a wide variety of long-term health conditions such as diabetes, respiratory conditions, skin conditions, weight issues and many more. The first long term medical condition to be focussed on is diabetes. If you would like to register your interest please contact Kelly Austin, Granta Social Navigator. 

For more information about Group Consultations go to www.groupconsultations.com

Jennifer Aston 

Advanced Nurse Practitioner

The Benefits of Merging GP practices



Following on from Dr Wright’s article last month about why GP practices are merging, I would like to take this opportunity to highlight some of the benefits that are starting to come through for our practice members (patients).


You may not have seen any benefits yet, in fact you may have only seen difficulties – particularly in obtaining routine appointments, which is perceived as being secondary to the merges. In fact, appointment waiting times is a national problem. Indeed, two surgeries in Cambridgeshire have stopped offering routine appointments to their patients altogether as their waiting times are longer than 6 weeks.  We know there is a problem, and we are continually looking for solutions.


In the meantime, some of the benefits we can already offer Granta practice members include:-


1.    Unlimited on-the-day access for all members. It may not be at your preferred site but if you need to be seen we will see you. Granta currently deals with approximately 19,000 practice members per month, compared to Addenbrookes Accident & Emergency department, who deal with roughly 12,000 per month.

2.    Improved opening hours and access to appointments. Various Granta sites offer appointments from 8am to 8pm Monday to Thursday, 6.30am to 7pm Fridays and every Saturday morning.

3.    Access to your medical records at any one of 5 sites, by any clinician you are booked in to see.

4.    Access to a physiotherapy service that is offered on the day and on site for new problems. We are one of only 40 surgeries in the country offering this service.

5.    The use of Emergency Care Practitioners (very advanced paramedics) for visits. This allows practice members to be seen quickly and if required, admission arranged, increasing chances of discharge on the same day, rather than waiting for the historical GP visit at lunch time, which almost guaranteed admission. The ECP’s have unlimited access to the duty medical team if required for advice and due to availability actually can give increased continuity.

6.    Diagnostic imaging - ulltrasound scans are done on site at Granta Sawston.

7.    Ear microsuction clinics are run on site at Granta Sawston.

8.    Increased internal specialist input. By increasing our size we have increased our internal expertise.  It is now possible to internally refer patients to another clinical member of staff who specialises in that area. They in turn may be able to see you in a much more timely manner, with your complete medical notes, and may reduce the possibility of having to attend a hospital appointment.

9.    Access to a Social Navigator. This is a member of the Granta team who specifically looks at support from the community and ways of managing isolation and engaging patients from a holistic point of view.

10. Involvement in group consultations - a national initiative, which looks at providing information in groups to increase access and exposure and help people take ownership of their illness.

11. Fewer recruitment problems. We are in a relatively unique position of not having a recruitment crisis. In fact we have a number of clinicians approaching us asking if they can work for us because of what we are doing and ideas for the future.

12. An active Patient Participation Group (PPG). We are starting to really develop this and work together for the best of the practice.


These are but a few. We of course acknowledge there is a long way to go but with the merges we have given ourselves every opportunity possible to succeed and be able to provide continuing outstanding care to our practice members long into the future.


Sandra East

Communications Manager, Granta Medical Practicess

Tel: 0300 234 5555, email: sandra.east@nhs.net

Newsletter January 2018

Why are GP Practices merging?



In April 2016 NHS England published the General Practice Forward View. In the introduction Simon Stevens, Chief Executive of NHS England states:


“There is arguably no more important job in modern Britain than that of the family doctor. GP’s are by far the largest branch of British medicine. A growing and ageing population, with complex multiple health conditions, means that personal and population-orientated primary care is central to any country’s health system. As a recent British Medical Journal headline put it – “if general practice fails, the whole NHS fails”.”


Unfortunately the NHS and in particular General Practice is under increasing pressure. There is currently a divergence in that there is an aging / elderly population with increasingly complex health needs requiring more time and continuity in a system with decreasing resources, social care and community support. General Practice is being asked to provide better access with improved opening times whilst having a recruitment and retention crisis.


Surgeries are collapsing and the unthinkable is happening, surgeries are closing as they are no longer sustainable.


There are therefore 2 options:


1)     Continue the status quo. Comfort is taken from a system that is understood. However, in doing this we must acknowledge that there is a significant risk that Primary Care will not continue in its current guise.


2)     Innovate and look at system wide change. This is difficult but provides a service that looks after the patient as a whole and is not fragmented and disjointed by the need to use different providers in the community.


With the mergers of Sawston, Linton, Barley and Shelford, Granta Medical Practices are addressing this struggle with a view to becoming a Primary Care Home. This provides stability as a practice, increased internal skills, and an increased ability to adapt to change. This then becomes more attractive to the multi-disciplinary teams as a place to work, removing the recruitment crisis. It will bring together a range of health and social care professionals to work together to provide enhanced personalised and preventative care for their local community. Focusing on local population needs, the aim is to provide care closer to patient’s homes, before hospital admission may become necessary.


With an increased size and thus sustainability come different working patterns. This provides increased access but then impacts on perceived continuity. You cannot have one with the other. However, behind the scenes increasing systems are put in place whereby GP’s are constantly communicating with each other about patient concerns, progress, improvement or deterioration and patient care plans and notes are routinely reviewed. There is still a single named GP for every patient who has overarching knowledge and understanding of their patients but they may lead a team that provides ongoing care, rather than run the team.


It is a fine line between offering unlimited on the day access and regular routine appointments and we must acknowledge that at times the balance can go either way, but it is with an understanding and open mind that we move things forward, learning from what we have achieved in the past to improve and redesign for the better in the future. We are in a time of significant change and all of the staff at Granta are looking to provide outstanding care for their patients. However, we can only do this with the support of our patients. We must adapt to patient’s needs, always be open to suggestions, but maintain our desire to move the practice forward to what we believe it can become.



On Behalf of Granta Medical Practices


Dr Tim Wright

Chief Operations Officer

 Newsletter December 2018

New Telephone Number

Great News! We’ve got a new FREEPHONE telephone number 0300 234 5555. You can contact the Sawston, Linton, Barley, Market Hill and Shelford surgeries via this one number and it’s free to call from mobile ‘phones and landlines. The individual surgery numbers will continue to work for the next few months. 

Holiday Season Opening Times

Granta Medical Practices will be open at the following times over the holiday season:-


Friday 21st December

OPEN 8am-6pm

Saturday 22nd December


Sunday 23rd December


Monday 24th December

OPEN 8am-6pm

Tuesday 25th December


Wednesday 26th December


Thursday 27th December

OPEN 8am-6pm

Friday 28th December

OPEN 8am-6pm

Saturday 29th December


Sunday 30th December


Monday 31st December

OPEN 8am-6pm

Tuesday 1st January 2019


Wednesday 2nd January

OPEN 8am-6pm


Please go to www.grantamedicalpractices.co.uk for opening times for our pharmacies, dispensaries and for details about our extended hours.

Alternative Services

When your local surgery is closed, there are GP’s on call at the Urgent Care Centre based at Addenbrookes. If you need to be seen by a doctor or nurse, or need advice while your surgery is closed, please call 111. This service operates between 6pm and 8am on weekdays and 24 hours at weekends and on Bank Holidays. It is free to call from mobile ‘phones and landlines. Your condition will be assessed over the ‘phone and if they think you need to be seen by a health professional, they will refer you to the out-of-hours GP service.

Home Help

You can treat many minor winter illnesses such as colds and coughs, sore throats, and upset stomachs easily at home. Make sure you are stocked up with winter health essentials such as pain relief (paracetamol), cough and sore throat remedies, a first aid kit, upset stomach treatment, rehydration treatment, and heartburn / indigestion treatment. Having these winter essentials at hand will not only save you time and help you to feel better quicker, but help save the NHS much needed resources.

Your local pharmacist can also offer you advice and guidance on the best treatment for you – and no appointment is needed. Pharmacists are available on every high street and in supermarkets with many open evenings and weekends.

Repeat Prescriptions

Please ensure you have enough medication to cover the holiday period. Ordering what you need in good time is the most stress-free approach for all, allowing 2 CLEAR working days from making your request to collecting the prescriptions.


Sandra East

Granta Communications Officer

Yellow "sharps" bins disposal


The Shelford Health Centre (now the Granta Medical Practice) are no longer accepting containers of needles used by diabetics for disposal. Up unto recently the surgery took in the yellow 'sharps' boxes used to recycle needles by diabetic patients on insulin.

Although the boxes are still issued by the doctors by prescription, the surgery will not take back the filled containers for disposal

These items are not permitted to be put in the household black bins, so patients must now obtain a form from Greater Cambridge Shared Waste Service (GCSWS) at Dickersons Industrial Estate at Waterbeach, fill it in and get it signed by a doctor. On receipt of the completed form GCSWS will arrange to have the boxes picked up from patients homes as part of their clinical waste collection service. How much is this costing?

Here is a statement from the Health Centre

In February of this year Shelford Medical Practice (now part of Granta Medical Practices) were advised by the Cambridge & Peterborough Clinical Commissioning Group (CAPCCG) that local district councils were now responsible for the collection of clinical waste from a patient's home. At the time we were informed that there was to be no charge for this, but that it may be subject to the discretion of the patient's district council.

We were told to advise patients to contact the District Council which they pay council tax to (not necessarily the District Council where their GP practice is located).

Since February 2018 we have had a poster displayed in our waiting room advising our patients of this.

This is not specific to Granta Shelford - it applies to all medical practices in the Cambridgeshire & Peterborough area.

Shelford Medical Practice has changed its website following the merger with the Granta Medical Practice earlier this year.

The website is now shared with Granta.

Existing passwords will still work on the new site.

Here is a link to their new website.

Here is a statement about the changes.


Since the merge on 1st July 2018 we have been trying to get our website redirected to the Granta Medical Practices website.  Unfortunately, on Friday 26 October 2018 our hosting company made the decision to take down the Shelford website without informing us first.  Now, when our patients go to the Shelford website they see a standard default message, which apparently cannot be amended.


We are currently working to resolve this problem, with a view to setting up an appropriate redirection of Shelford Medical Practice’s website to the Granta Medical Practices website.


We would like to apologise for any inconvenience this sudden closure may have caused our patients. Please be assured that we are aware of this problem and are working towards a prompt satisfactory solution.


Sandra East
Communications Officer
Granta Medical Practices

Adult Flu Clinics


The 2018 flu clinic dates are as follows:-









Vaccine Type







Saturday 29th September

Linton Health Centre

T. 01223 892555


18-64yrs only*



Saturday 29th September


Shelford Health Centre

T. 01223 843661



18-64yrs only*




Saturday 6th October


Sawston Health Centre

T. 01223 727555




Over 65yrs




Saturday 6th October


Barley Health Centre

T. 01763 848244



Over 65yrs





Saturday 27th October


Linton Health Centre

T. 01223 892555



Over 65yrs





Saturday 27th October


Shelford Health Centre

T. 01223 843661




Over 65yrs





Saturday 3rd November


Sawston Health Centre

T. 01223 727555




Over 65yrs




Saturday 3rd November


Barley Health Centre

T. 01763 848244




Over 65yrs




Childrens Flu Clinics


These will be announced once the Department of Health have confirmed their delivery schedules.


Patients eligible for flu vaccinations are:-


·         All healthy children aged 2 to 4 years of age as of 1st September 2018. Please note that children aged 5 to 9 years (but not 10 years or older on 31st August 2018) should be vaccinated in school. Please speak to your local practice nurse if you have any queries about this.

·         Clinically eligible patients, aged 6 months to 17 years of age and 18 to 64 years of age*

·         Pregnant women

·         Those aged 65 years and over

·         Those in long-stay residential care homes

·         Carers


If you are a patient registered with Granta Medical Practices you have the flexibility of choosing where you would like to go for your vaccination. When you ring to book your appointment, please state your age so that you can be booked into the appropriate clinic.


Did you know … having your flu jab at your doctors’ surgery is the quickest and most convenient way as there are no forms to fill out – the doctors and nurses have your medical history at their finger-tips.


If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact one of our surgeries.


Sandra East, Granta Communications

Tel: 01223 843661, sandra.east@nhs.net

 Shelford Medical Practice opening hours 


Shelford Medical Practice’s computer system is scheduled to be merged with Granta Medical Practices computer system on Tuesday 4thSeptember 2018.  Once merged, Shelford patients will be able to take full advantage of all the benefits that Granta patients are offered, including a wider choice of appointments, a choice of venues, and access to various community-based services.


We hope to keep disruption to our Shelford patients to a minimum, and opening times will be as follows:-


Monday 3rd September

8am to 6pm

Practice open as usual




Tuesday 4th September

8am to 1pm

1pm to 6pm

Practice open as usual

No appointments available




Wednesday 5th September

8am to 12 noon

12 noon to 6pm

No appointments available

Practice open for emergency appointments




Thursday 6th September

8am to 6pm

Practice open as usual


There are currently no routine pre-bookable appointments for Shelford doctors or nurses after the 5thSeptember. However, as from Thursday 6thSeptember onwards there will be lots of new appointments available so please call then to arrange your future routine appointments.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.  


Sandra East

Granta Communications

Tel: Shelford - 01223 843661 / Sawston - 01223 727555 

Newsletter August 2018

It’s Official! 

We are very pleased to announce that on 1st July 2018 Shelford Medical Practice merged with Granta Medical Practices. Once our two computer systems merge (scheduled for the beginning of September), Shelford patients will be able to take full advantage of all the benefits that Granta patients are offered, including a wider choice of appointments, a choice of venues, and access to various community-based services. We would like to assure you that all the current services that are offered at Shelford will also continue. 

We are very excited to now be part of the Granta Medical Practices group, and look forward to continually improving health care for all of our patients as we become a Primary Care Home. 

Thank you for your understanding and patience during this transitional period. 

Flu Clinic Update 

We are currently finalising the details of our flu clinics. The dates will be published in the next newsletter, and will be on our website shortly. 

Shelford Support Group 

Shelford Medical Practice would like to take this opportunity to say a massive THANK YOU to the Shelford Support Group for their invaluable help and support with and for our patients over the years. 

For those of you that don’t know, Shelford Support Group exists to provide transport for those who cannot drive to hospital, to appointments concerned with health and wellbeing such as dentists, opticians etc., and visits to relatives in convalescent homes or in care. There is a small charge levied by the volunteer driver, depending on distance travelled. 

The group are always looking for new volunteers to help with this vital village service. If you think you could spare a few hours a week please call one of the co-ordinators - Carol on 01223 571380, Rosie on 01223 513572 or John on 01223 842054 – who will be happy to give you more information. 

Sandra East 

Granta (formerly Shelford) Communications 

Tel: 01223 843661 / 01223 727555 

Shelford Medical Practice newsletter June 2018

The national flu immunisation programme 2018/19


This year sees significant changes as to how we will be vaccinating our patients, the main one being that there are now 2 different vaccines for adults:-


1.    The adjuvanted trivalent vaccine (aTIV) for all patients over 65 years of age


2.    The quadrivalent vaccine (QIV) for patients 18 years old and over and for patients under 65 years of age eligible for NHS vaccinations


Eligible children will continue to receive the nasal spray live attenuated influenza vaccine (LAIV).


The following patients are eligible for flu vaccination:-


·         All children aged 2 to 9 years of age (but not 10 years or older) on 31 August 2018

·         Patients with clinical need, aged 6 months to under 65 years of age

·         Pregnant women

·         Those aged 65 years and over

·         Those in long-stay residential care homes

·         Carers


In addition, flu vaccines are recommended for frontline health and social care workers.


The other significant change of note is the way in which we will receive our supply of vaccines – there will be 3 separate deliveries between the months of September and November.


All of the above means that this year booking your flu appointment won’t be quite as straight forward for us as in previous years. We will have to separate adults by age, vaccination type, and by when deliveries are due so please bear with us as we manage this huge task which could involve up to 15,000 patients!


In the next issue we hope to publish our flu clinic dates. Additionally, text messages will be sent, there will be local posters, and the dates will be published on our websites.


As always, if you have any questions concerns please do not hesitate to contact me at Shelford Medical Practice or your local Granta surgery.



Sandra East

Communications Manager

Shelford Medical Practice / Granta Medical Practices



Shelford Medical Practice Newsletter, May 2018


Travel Health & Vaccinations

It’s that time of year again when we are starting to plan our summer holidays.  Please remember though that some destinations require more than just suntan lotion and a swim suit!

There are many places you can get great travel advice from and we suggest you start by checking the recommendations for your travel destination on the Fit For Travel website http://www.fitfortravel.nhs.uk

At Shelford Medical Practice we can provide you with the following NHS vaccines: 

  • diphtheria, polio and tetanus booster 
  • hepatitis A 
  • typhoid

If you require any of the NHS vaccinations listed above please book an appointment at least 4 to 6 weeks prior to travel. You also need to complete a travel form – this can be found on our website or you can obtain a copy from our reception.  Your completed form needs to be returned prior to your appointment to enable the practice nurse to prepare appropriately for your consultation.

For any complex or high risk travel, or if you require vaccines not available on the NHS, you will need to book a travel advice consultation with one of the local travel clinics. These clinics provide the full range of private immunisations and comprehensive advice.  Details of local travel clinics can be found on our website and include Granta Medical Practices, Boots, and The Travel Clinic.

Previous Vaccination history

Our administration team can provide you with an up to date record of your previous vaccination history but please allow 3 working days for us to process your request. Alternatively, you can register for online access to your records.

Regular Medication 

If you are on regular medication, please ensure your annual review is up to date, and that you have requested adequate supplies prior to travel.

We regret that we cannot issue more than 3 months of medication in advance, and if your travel is for longer than this, you will have to access further medication while you are away.

Your doctor or the practice nurses are happy to review with you any complex health or medication needs prior to travel to ensure you are as prepared as possible. We cannot do this in emergency appointments, so please book early for travel vaccinations.

If you have recently registered with us, it can take up to 10 weeks for your notes to arrive here from your previous practice, so you will need to bring with you details of any vaccinations you may previously have had. This is so you are not given any vaccinations you do not need.

Don’t leave it too late!

Most vaccinations need to be administered at least 4 weeks before departure and for some risky areas you will need to have injections 3 months before you travel. Please remember to book in plenty of time, ideally 4 to 6 weeks before departure.

As always, we welcome any patient feedback so please feel free to contact us with comments, queries or questions – our aim is to provide the best possible service we can to all of our patients.


Sandra East, Communications Manager

Shelford Medical Practice Newsletter, April 2018



Surgery Remedial Work

By the time you are reading this, our remedial work should be finished and we should have beautifully tarmacked footpaths and car park. Thank you all for being so patient (no pun intended!) whilst this work was been carried out and please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this caused you over the last few weeks. 

Car Park Spaces 

We have noticed an increasing number of car parking spaces being taken up by people not using the surgery. Please may we request that if you are not coming into the surgery you use one of the other two village car parks -many of our patients are less mobile and really need to use our parking spaces. 

Easter Opening Times & Alternative Services 

Thursday 29 March – Open 8am to 6pm 

Friday 30 March - Good Friday - Closed 

Saturday 31 March – Closed 

Sunday 1 April - Closed 

Monday 2 April – Easter Monday – Closed 

Tuesday 3 April – Open 8am to 6pm 

When the surgery is closed, there are local GPs on call at the local urgent care centre at Addenbrookes. If you need to be seen by a doctor or nurse, or need advice while the surgery is closed, please call 111. This service operates between 6:30pm and 8am on weekdays and 24 hours at weekends and on bank holidays. It is free to call from mobile ‘phones and landlines. Your condition will be assessed over the ‘phone and if they think you need to be seen by a health professional they will refer you to the out-of-hours GP services. 

You can take simple steps such as stocking up on essential medicines to help you treat minor illnesses at home, helping you avoid unnecessary trips to your GP or A&E department. Medicine cabinet essentials include: 

· Pain relief (paracetamol) 

Cost to your local NHS £1.2m; cost for you to buy 25p (16 tablets) 

· Upset stomach treatment 

Cost to your local NHS £295,000; cost for you to buy £2 (200ml) 

· Heartburn and indigestion treatment 

Cost to your local NHS £1.1m; cost for you to buy £1 (6 capsules) 

· First aid kit 

Repeat Prescriptions 

Please ensure you have enough medication to cover the Easter break by ordering what you need in good time, allowing 3 days from making your request to collecting your prescription. 

As always, we welcome any patient feedback so please feel free to contact us with comments, queries or questions – our aim is to provide the best possible service we can to all of our patients. 

Sandra East 

Communications Manager

Shelford Medical Practice proposed changes

Report from Granta Medical Practices and Shelford Medical Practice Proposed Merger Public Consultation 1st February 2018 

Firstly, thank you to all of you that came along to the Public Consultation on 1st February. There was an amazing turnout - approximately 145 people! 

Dr Chris Schramm opened the meeting by giving a presentation about the future of healthcare and the merger proposition. This was followed by question time. 

The main issues addressed were:-

Retaining the surgery in Shelford - the proposed merger is to Retain, Maintain & Improve our presence and service we offer in Shelford. 

Continuity of care – there will be no staff changes at Shelford, but there will be more choices. If, for example, a Shelford slot offered did not fit with your schedule, you could then have extended choice of other Granta sites. 

Maintaining - the Granta management structure was also explained in the meeting. By having dedicated expert managers for each part of the business means that GP’s can be freed up to do what they do best – doctoring. 

Out of Hours was discussed but is a separate NHS service which will not be affected by the proposed merger. 

Merging reduces risk of privatisation – merging giving us more strength, making takeover by a corporate giant very unlikely. 

Dr James Morrow from Granta went into further detail about how GP surgeries are funded. A GP practice is paid £136 per patient per year. This is a standard amount - whether the patient sees a GP once or 20 times in a year. (Interestingly, it costs more to insure a pet gerbil for one year!) 

Improvements - part of the Granta future plan is about moving hospital services out into the community, giving easier and quicker access for patients. Ear microsuction is already being offered and services currently in development include a paediatric clinic, ENT, Ophthalmology and MSK (orthopaedics and physiotherapy). 

Feedback following the meeting was very positive indeed, with many members of the public coming to speak to representatives to offer their support for the proposed merger. 

If you should have any further queries about the proposed merger please do not hesitate to contact Gerard Newnham, Business Practice Manager of Granta on 01223 727555, Gerard.newnham@nhs.net or Sandra East, Admin & Comms Manager of Shelford on 01223 843661, sandra.east@nhs.net

Surgery Remedial Work 

Over the next few weeks we are having the car park resurfaced, the footpaths repaired and the flat roof replaced. There will be reduced parking spaces whilst this work is going ahead and we would ask that if you able-bodied you consider parking in one of the village car parks so that our less mobile patients can park near to the surgery. Please accept our apologies in advance for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Shelford Medical Practice Newsletter, February 2018



Winter Pressures on the NHS


As you will be aware, the NHS is currently experiencing a surge in demand for all health services, which in turn is putting pressures on acute and emergency services as well as GP surgeries.


With the NHS under such huge winter pressures we would like to remind our patients about appropriately accessing emergency services.


Infection control – Emergency Departments in our region have seen an increase in patients going in with flu and diarrhoea/vomiting conditions. There has also been norovirus outbreaks, leading to ward closures. Emergency departments have asked that the general public stay away from hospitals with non-acute infectious illnesses and instead seek advice from 111, local pharmacies or self-care.

Getting yourself to hospital – The ambulance service has been tweeting to ask the public to choose wisely when calling an ambulance or visiting a hospital and to do so only in a genuine emergency.  They are finding that some patients are calling for an ambulance for non-emergencies as they have trouble travelling to see their GP.

The NHS is encouraging patients without transport to approach family, friends and neighbours and ask to be taken to hospitals and practices in non-emergency situations, before relying on ambulance transfers. If it is an option, it will be much quicker for the patient than using an ambulance.

NHS 111 promotion begins this week

NHS England has launched a new TV advertising campaign to help promote the NHS 111 service. We hope this will help you choose the right services for your conditions.

If you need any help or assistance with choosing the right service please call the surgery and we will be happy to help you.


Proposed Shelford Medical Practice and Granta Medical Practices Merger


Further to the announcement by Granta Medical Practices and Shelford Medical Practice, there will be a public consultation meeting on Thursday 1st February from 2pm to 3pm, in Great Shelford Memorial Hall.  Everyone is welcome to attend.


Sandra East

Admin & Comms Manager

Shelford Medical Practice proposed changes

Shelford Medical Practice could merge with the larger Granta Group in 2018. 

A consultation meeting to kick off the proposals will take place at 2pm on February 1 at Great Shelford Memorial Hall.

The move would ensure the future sustainability of the Medical Practice in Great Shelford.

The merger could happen for several reasons:

1) Specialist outpatients services for Shelford and Stapleford would be provided as part of any new arrangement

2) An emergency home care service across the area would be provided by the merged group

3) Any merger would guarantee the future of the Shelford Medical Practice

4) Management services would be shared between the different members of the group.

The Granta Group currently has 3 practices operating from four different sites, including Sawston.

A consultation about any changes is expected to happen in early 2018. Read a full statement from the Shelford Medical Practice.

* The Shelford Medical Practice, which has 9,000 patients, is also considering options around a new medical practice building for the Shelfords and Stapleford.

Shelford Health Centre Update

December 2017 

Christmas Opening Times & Alternative Services 

We will be open providing care as usual over the holiday period, only shutting for the bank holidays. 

Wednesday 20 December – Open 8am to 6pm (including INR clinic 10am to 12:30pm) 

Thursday 21 December – Open 8am to 6pm 

Friday 22 December – Open 8am to 6pm 

Monday 25 December – CLOSED 

Tuesday 26 December – CLOSED 

Wednesday 27 December – Open 8am to 6pm (including INR clinic 10am to 12:30pm) 

Thursday 28 December – Open 8am to 6pm 

Friday 29 December – Open 8am to 6pm 

Monday 1st January – CLOSED 

Tuesday 2nd January – Open 8am to 6pm 

When the surgery is closed, there are local GPs on call at the local urgent care centre at Addenbrookes. If you need to be seen by a doctor or nurse, or need advice while the surgery is closed, please call 111. This service operates between 6:30pm and 8am on weekdays and 24 hours at weekends and on bank holidays. It is free to call from mobile phones and landlines. Your condition will be assessed over the phone and if they think you need to be seen by a health professional, they will refer you to the out-of-hours GP service. 

Additionally, you can treat minor winter illnesses such as colds and coughs, sore throats, and upset stomachs easily at home. Make sure you are stocked up with winter health essentials such as pain relief (paracetamol), cold and cough remedies, a first aid kit, upset stomach treatment, rehydration treatment, and heartburn / indigestion treatment. 

Repeat Prescriptions 

Please ensure you have enough medication to cover the holiday period: ordering what you need in good time is the most stress-free approach for all, allowing 3 working days for the Practice to process your request and 2 working days for your nominated pharmacy to dispense it. We are happy to issue 2 month’s supply to cover Christmas and the New Year. Please mark your request “double” if you would like this. 

All that is left to say is that all of us at Shelford Medical Practice wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

Sandra East 

Admin & Comms Manager 

November 2017 update


Additional Flu Clinic

We are holding a second flu clinic on the evening of Thursday 2 November, 5pm to 8pm. Please ring and book a slot if you have not yet had your flu vaccination.

Research Studies

We have been very busy this year with research studies, the biggest ones being Best3 and iQuit.

Best3 is a very exciting trial involving the swallowing of a capsule / sponge to obtain cells from the inside of your throat (oesophagus) which may suggest a future risk of cancer and deal with them appropriately.  We would like to say a huge thank you to all of our patients that have taken part in this invaluable study so far. 

iQuit is ongoing.  All participating quitters receive standard support and half of those who sign up get a tailored smoking advice report and text messages.  This evaluates the extra benefit of the iQuit package of support. 

To be eligible for the study you need to be 18 or over and:

ü  want to quit

ü  be willing to set a quite date within 2 weeks of joining the study

ü  own a mobile phone

ü  not be currently part of any other smoking study


Please ring the surgery or call in to reception for further information.


Daylight Robbery


One of the GP’s bicycles was stolen from outside the surgery last week. Any information on this would be very much appreciated ……!

As always, we welcome any patient feedback so please feel free to contact us with comments, queries or questions – our aim is to provide the best possible service we can to all of our patients. 

Sandra East

Admin & Comms Manager