The butcher's shop in Bar Lane 1959 (Stapleford Collection)
The Tree in Bar Lane around 1950 (Stapleford Collection)
Shelford Building Supplies 1954 (Stapleford Collection)
The Rose around 1960 (Stapleford Collection)
Magpie Garage 1929
The old vicarage 1904
Alick Smith's shop, Bar Lane, 1932
Stapleford Post Office around 1912 (Mary King collection)

Circa 1951

Church Street
Old post office, London Road

Mingle Lane in the 1960s

Church Street, Stapleford.
Stapleford School

Stapleford Windmill in 1932
Church Street, Stapleford
London Road, Stapleford

The rec in the 1960s
Photo; Shaun Levitt of B 17 Flying Fortress bombers over Stapleford in 1944.
Stapleford school

Other Francis Frith photos of Stapleford in the 1960s 


Family trees